Terms of Service


We run our own webhost through this VPS and are willing to let people lease its power for their own webhosting needs, obviously we cant let you use it for whatever you want so I have laid out some basic rules if you choose to lease our server.

1.0) Users are prohibited from uploading.

  • 1.1) Any sort of malware like viruses or RAT's (Remote Administrative Trojan) if you think its a false positive attach a virustotal link.
  • 1.2) Pirated software, music, films ect.
  • 1.3) Anything mentioned in 4.0-4.3.

2.0) Users are prohibited from using the server for.

  • 2.1) Any sort of bot intended for the purpose of causing damage or harassing people. Which includes (E-mail bombers and other various spambots)
  • 2.2) Using the servers bandwidth for the purpose of attacking users with DoS or DDoS attacks.
  • 2.3) Hosting websites that promote illegal activity such as (Markets selling illegal good/services, websites that promote terrorism or anything similar)

ShareX File Uploading

We are quite lenient about what our users can host but we still need to abide under EU laws, and for that reason, we have listed a few restrictions below which we expect all of our users to read and agree to.

3.0) For the sake of easy file managment and compatible you will only upload images and videos in the following formats.

  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • GIF
  • MP4

4.0) We do allow our users to upload NSFW content including (Pornagraphic content, gore, ect.) just as long as it does not contain.

  • 4.1) Minors (So anything that has a participant under the age of 18)
  • 4.2) Shotacon or Lolicon (Since it is illegal in some countries)
  • 4.3) Content that contain Rape or Violence.


While we don't plan to sell or misuse the data we have about our users we do want to disclose what we log when you visit "aimguare.net" or any of its aforementioned domains.

5.0) Just by visiting out websites you aggree that we log infomation about the following.

  • The IP address of your incoming connection.
  • A timestamp when connecting or accessing any pages or files.
  • Infomation about what browser you're using.
  • Conversations you have between me or my staff through our live chat.
  • The directory in which you are attempting to access.


aimguare.net sells loads of diffrent products but our main seller is accounts that are intended for the purpose of cheating, I normally would attach my TOS on shoppy but I'll write it here to make it official.

6.0) Refunds are allowed but only under certain conditions. If any of these conditions are violated you have accepted that the account meets your needs and I will not be providing refunds.

  • 6.1) The account has any external hours except from my hourbooster (Preventing HWID banned players from getting my accounts banned)
  • 6.2) Steam Guard has been modified
  • 6.3) Email has been altered even if it isnt confirmed by steam.
  • 6.4) Password has been changed.
  • 6.5) Account has a VAC or Game Ban that was not accidently issued by me.

7.0) Attempting to chargeback a perfectly legit account will result in your email and IP address being permanently blocked from buying our products.

7.1) If we suspect you are using alterative accounts to bypass this restriction we hold our right to recover any products you have bought without a refund and also suspend your access to our store as mentioned in 3b.

7.2) Opening a dispute for any reason without contacting me first we will tackled the dispute with hard proof that I have sold you a ligitimate product.

We expect all of our users/visitors to abide by our terms, if we feel that you are in violaion of one of terms you will have your service either restricted or terminated based on the severity.


Last Updated 22/06/19